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When I was overwhelmed and over committed, Sharron was there to guide me, coach me, calm me, and, ultimately, help me reach my deadlines on time. Sharron has a unique ability to provide concise and brutally honest feedback without being critical or judgmental, and always with the goal of clarity for the reader. I highly recommend Sharron for writers at any level. I can’t imagine writing a book without consulting Sharron; she makes the process much easier and more enjoyable!

Sue Morem
Career and Workplace Expert, and Best-Selling Author

Sharron is the consummate pro when it comes to writing, editing, as well as shaping a book or project. She is detailed to a fault and her kindness and compassion are an added bonus when it comes to providing feedback and direction. Sharron is a critical member of our team!

Mark LeBlanc
Small Business Expert, National Speaker, Coach
Author of Growing Your Business and Never be the Same

Sharron is a tough editor who knows her stuff. She knows writing, and she knows the publishing world. I thought I was a perfectionist! Sharron has made me a better writer and continues to generously share her book world expertise with me. I can never truly repay her for the insight she’s given me into publishing and writing, but I hope my successful book will do her proud.

Roshini Rajkumar
Presentation Consultant, Keynote Speaker, On-Camera & Voice Talent

I have had Sharron at Stockhausen Ink edit three of my books, and I have been pleased with the results. She actually has the ability to make editing fun with her side comments and explanations along with her notes. As a writer, I could let go of some of the grammatical rules and push through the writing knowing I had a talented person looking after me. I would highly recommend her to anyone who needs a good editor.

Brenda Elsagher
Comedian, Author, National Keynote Speaker

Hiring Sharron Stockhausen to handle the editing of my book was one of the best decisions I made. Her understanding of grammar and punctuation proved she’s an expert when it comes to editing which in turn made me look good.

Audrey Thomas, CPO®
Speaker, Author, Lean Office Expert,

Sharron Stockhausen is a gift to writers. She uses her expertise and experience to turn our words and intent into writing that captures the reader's interest and expresses our messages just perfectly. She teaches as she edits, and we become better authors in the process. It's always a pleasure working with Sharron.

Gaye Lindfors
National Speaker, Career Transition Advisor, Coach

Sharron Stockhausen helped me immensely when I published my second book. Her razor-sharp skill in editing improved the quality of my publication. She was patient to answer my questions in the process so, in the end, I became a better writer.

Barbara Francis
Speaker and Author for Campus Crusade for Christ

Sharron is a master when it comes to editing. She possesses not only the technical expertise that’s needed to make a book shine, but also the unique ability to question in ways that unlocks the true potential of a story. Her questioning guides an author to undiscovered possibilities and leads to insights that produce award-winning work.

Micheal Lane
Author, The Wisdom of Yawdy Rum

Sharron is an impressive editor. I was continually amazed at her ability to catch and monitor so many key elements of my writing; remaining consistent in language, tense, and message among dozens of other details. I was confident when my book went to press it was as clean and accurate as possible. I would highly recommend Sharron Stockhausen as a high quality editor.

Kate Larsen, PCC, CWC
Executive Coach, Professional Speaker

Sharron was fabulous to work with on my book. In addition to all her editing work cleaning up my writing, she gave me valuable ideas to make my book clearer to the reader. Her approach is that she is honest with you about your writing and then she has all the expertise and experience to make your book the best it can be. Working with her was a very positive experience, and I would definitely recommend her to others.

Fay Choban
U Succeed Technologies

Sharron helped me become a better writer by insisting I follow the rules of grammar that have a long tradition in making the written word intelligible and heightening its meaning.

Rev. Rolland Robinson
Author, For a Moment We Had the Way


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