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Author Guidance Program

The Author Guidance Program is your personal writers group. I become your content development, writing critique/feedback partner. You send in your writing (in Word) electronically, and I provide you what a writers group would—critique/feedback and suggestions to improve your writing. You can reach me by email or telephone during regular business hours during the month.

I charge a set monthly fee, payable at the beginning of each month. There’s no minimum time you’re obligated to work with me, but most authors typically take three months to write their books. At the flat rate, I don’t pro-rate the time, so you’ll want to plan your start date accordingly.

Book Editing

While others differentiate copy editing and content editing, I combine the two when I work, thus I offer both under the service of book editing. In addition, I explain why I’m making the edits I make so the author knows it’s not an arbitrary change or an editor’s quirk. Thus, you get both content edits and grammar, punctuation, capitalization, etc. edits in one package.

Books are in print a long time and the author’s name is on the book so the book should reflect the author’s voice, not the editor’s. When I support edits with reasons, the author makes the decision about whether to make the change or not.

I edit using the Chicago Manual of Style, the book publishing industry standard. I also draw on my years as a published writer, beginning in 1976, and as writing professor.

Authors understand their content. Editors understand readers. When they work together, the result is a well-written book that creates reader fans.


Proofreading is the last step you need in the process before you submit your manuscript to an agent or publisher or before you send your galley to the printer. Proofreading involves looking for errors. It does not involve editing—that should all be done before you get to the proofreading stage.


Since this service is so personal and involves so many details, please contact me directly so we can talk in depth about your project.


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