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Frequently Asked Questions

What does Author Guidance cost?

Author Guidance involves the author submitting his or her writing for content development and feedback, much like a writers critique group offers writers.

Since the author controls the process by how much or how little writing he/she does, I charge a flat monthly fee of $600.00, payable the first of the month. That fee includes access to me via email and/or telephone. The author submits the writing (in Word format) electronically. I use the comment feature in Word and return the critiqued manuscript to the author.

There is no minimum number of months, and I do not pro-rate the time. Each month is payable in full the first of the month we work together. How long we work together depends completely on the author.

What does book editing cost?

There are editors who charge one rate for copy editing and another rate for content editing. I automatically edit both for content and for copy (grammar, punctuation, capitalization, etc.), so I charge one rate. Also, I don’t change your voice, but rather I make the edits and explain the reasons for the edits. The work has your name on it, and you should know why a change is recommended.

You can send your manuscript electronically (in Word) or via postal service.

My rate is $6.75 per manuscript page (12 pt. font, double-spaced, 1-inch margins). Thus, if you have a 100-page manuscript, you pay $675.00 and for that you get both copy and content editing, plus reasons why the edits are made.

Payment is one-half down with submission of the manuscript and one-half when the edit is completed.

I encourage you to price other editing services. There are approximately 250 words on a manuscript page, so if the editor charges $0.015 per word for copy editing and $0.03 per word for content editing, that’s $0.045 per word times 250 words, which equals $11.25 per page versus the $6.75 per page I charge.

How long does editing take?

Of course, workload determines how long an edit takes, but for the most part, it takes two to three weeks from the time I receive the manuscript until the edit is complete.

What should I look for in a book editor?

Look for someone who is well-versed in Chicago Manual of Style, the book publishing industry standard. It is not enough that the person is an academic, is an avid reader, or has a degree in English. Publishing is business and books are in print a long time. You’ll want a book editor with experience and one who knows Chicago well.

What does proofreading cost?

Proofreaders look for errors, period. They don’t edit. They don’t develop content. Thus, proofreading comes at the very end of the process, just before you’re ready to take your manuscript to the next level (submit to an agent or publisher) or send your galley to the printer.

My fee for proofreading is $3.75 per page. Payment is made when the document is sent in for proofreading. Again, depending on workload, proofreading can take one to two weeks.

Why is your pricing so simple?

I keep pricing simple so authors know immediately what the investment is—no gimmicks, no surprises—and it’s easy to keep my records this way as well. Both parties know what to expect. It just works better that way.


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